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Standard Gauge Module Association Mission Statement

The Standard Gauge Module Association (SGMA) is a group of toy train enthusiasts interested in designing and building modular display layouts to promote the hobby of Standard Gauge (2 1/8" gauge) tinplate toy train collecting and operating, and for the education and enjoyment of the general public. The SGMA has established a set of standards for the construction of modules. Membership in SGMA is open to Standard Gauge enthusiasts interested in building modules and/or operating Standard Gauge trains on SGMA display layouts.

About The SGMA

The Standard Gauge Module Association (SGMA) was organized in 2006 by hobbyists interested in designing, building and displaying modular layouts operating American tinplate toy trains in standard (2-1/8") gauge. A set of standards for the construction and wiring of modules was developed in 2006 during meetings and extensive online discussions. Module construction can be done using commercially available bench work as well as home made components. While the current membership of the SGMA is centered in the upstate New York, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions of the country, we welcome hobbyists in other areas of the country and encourage them to join in the construction of modules built to current SGMA standards and specifications.

Join the SGMA

Membership in the SGMA is open to all hobbyists interestd in tinplate Standard gauge trains including vintage, modern and newly-designed and custom built Standard gauge trains. You do not need to own or build modules to be a member, and there are no membership dues. To join you simply need to become a member of the SGMA discussion list. To join simply send an email to: For more information and discussions relative to Standard gauge, join the Standard gauge discussion list (Standg.) To join the Standg list send an email to:


The first SGMA display took place at the Train Collector's Association (TCA) Eastern Division meet in October of 2006. The SGMA followed up with an exhibit in August 2007 at the Toy Train Operating Society (TTOS) convention held in Altoona, Pennsylvania. A third exhibit was presented at the New York State Train Fair in Syracuse, NY in November 2008. Our fourth exhibit at the World's Greatest Hobby Show On Tour in Oaks, PA in January, 2009 was viewed by thousands as the two day show enjoyed a record attendance in excess of 40,000 people. In the Fall of 2009 the SGMA returned to Syracuse. In January, 2010, the SGMA once again presented a record size operating layout at the World's Greatest Hobby Show On Tour in Chantilly, VA (Washington, DC area.) Displays have been presented in various venues since 2010 including in Pittsburgh and Altoona. The middle America (SGMA-MAC) chapter of SGMA has participated at Milwaukee Trainfest since 2012. In January 2019 the SGMA returned to Oaks, PA for the World's Greatest Hobby On Tour Show. SGMA members meet informally at the Train Collector's Association semi-annual York Meet each October and April. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, SGMA activities were on hold during 2020 and the first half of 2021. In August 2021 the SGMA returned to Oaks, PA for the Greenberg Train Show. In October 2021 the SGMA returned to the Train Collector's Association (TCA) Eastern Division meet at York, PA for the first time since 2006.

Additional SGMA events are in the planning stage.

USA Track

SGMA modular standards call for good quality tinplate three-rail Standard gauge track to be used on modules. New track made in the USA by USA Track meets these standards. This video shows the USA Track manufacturing process.



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